The Artistry of Know Your Skin – Find Your Solution

The Artistry of Knowing Your Skin Finding Your Solution

The Artistry of Know Your Skin -Find Your Solution!



Know Your Skin – Find Your Solution is the Artistry to confidently look and feel our best everyday.

Aging begins when puberty ends and as time passes the condition of our skin is revealed.  Taking care of our skin is one of the most powerful weapons we have in the fight to fend off or reverse the signs of aging.  Since our skin is our body’s largest living organ and provides a barrier of defense between you and the environment, it is healthy to take care of our skin;

The Artistry of Knowing Your Skin Finding Your Solutioni
Baby’s Skin
Seeing is believing!  Introducing a best friend that can help to see our face in a whole new light and identify skin issues.  Using science and technology and illuminating the face with a unique blue-black light, reflected in a dual observation magnifying mirror, known as a skin analyzer magnifier (SAM) machine may reveal issues with the skin that the naked eye is unable to detect and appears as:

Skin Tone/Dark Blotches – “Hyper-pigmentation”

Dark Brown Spots usually irregular in shape;

Enlarged Freckles on Forehead – Cheeks – Nose – Chin Area

Possible causes: Sun Exposure – Environmental Stresses –– Hormonal – Pregnancy Mask – Some Medications

Clogged Pores/Acne Bacteria – “(Millia – White Heads) or (Comodones – Blackheads)”       Very small Bright White Dots or Yellow Patches;

Dry Skin – Light Purple Areas or Oily Skin – Coral Patches;

Dark Circles – Dark Purple Circles underneath eye – Congested Capillaries;

Dead Skin – Flattened cells appearing as white flakes;

Dry Areas – White Masked Eyes & Nose including Bridge – Tip & Upper Lip;

Fine Lines – and the overall appearance of aging skin;

Damage to Skin

Caused by ultra violet light/radiation and free radicals in our environment – “free radicals” may be compared to single electrons looking for a partner and lacking as a natural pair… in turn causing inflammation, i.e.  of the skin or internally as heart disease – cell mutation i.e., cancer;

Think of fruit salad and how putting lemon juice on the fruit helps to prevent it from turning brown… or even now let’s cut an apple in half… put lemon juice on one side – and apply nothing on the other – watch as the half with no lemon juice turns brown simply from exposure to our environment; this illustrates free radical damage by not using protection.  To prevent such damage the key is Vitamin C.

The Artistry of Knowing Your Skin Finding Your Solution
 Now you decide which side of the apple you want to be!

With the passage of years the repair process slows down and is why you see fine lines; the older we become the faster our loss of repair ability increases.  Fortunately, our body’s have the ability of cellular metabolism to repair damage; Nature did find and provides the way to block free radicals with antioxidants;  such organic plant nutrients, vitamins and botannicals are found in Artistry products which protect us by assisting to  stop oxidative free radical damage;

The Layers of the Skin

Our skin is made of up three layers, each one playing a vital role in maintaining healthy skin.  By learning how to best work with them we can achieve the optimal beauty results we deserve.

  1. The bottom layer, or Subdermis, is made of fatty tissue that cushions the layers above it;
  2. The middle layer, or Dermis, contains collagen (a super protein that gives skin its bounce) and elastin (which makes skin flexible and durable) for healthy, younger looking skin. This layer also contains blood capillaries, nerves, hair follicles, and sweat and oil glands.
  3. The top layer, or Epidermis, is where the critical function of cell renewal takes place. All of Artistry skin care products have an effect on this layer of the skin.
The Artistry of Knowing Your Skin Finding Your Solution

Skin Growth

New skin cells are born at the base of the Epidermis.  They slowly move upward to the surface, losing moisture and flatten out.  As they rise, they form a paper-thin surface.  This indispensable new surface helps guard against moisture loss and protects against environmental damage.  The cells on the surface of the skin are continually sloughed off to accommodate replacement cells.  The entire process takes up to three weeks for younger skin and about twice that long for mature skin.

Resolve: Not all skin and skincare are created equal.

Once skin issues have been identified findings are reviewed, and if you would like a clearer, smoother, brighter, more vibrant, radiant, healthy, younger-looking complexion, a suggested personalized Artistry Skin Care Prescription of solutions to assist in resolving issues and help improve your skin is provided.

The Artistry of Knowing Your Skin Finding Your Solution
Skin Care

 Artistry Skin Care is about the system and every product has a different purpose.  The skin on our face must be fed and nourished to remain healthy and vibrant – especially as we age and skin’s renewal cycle starts to slow on our face and neck, which is some of the most delicate on the body.

 Skin care is like hair – And needs a system for proper care.

Let’s talk about a system that works together; for example … we can all relate to a hair care system: Shampoo – Conditioner – Mousse – Gel – Spray, etc.

Buy a quality shampoo and use it with a $2 conditioner and no styling product.  What are the results you will receive with continued use?

The Artistry of Knowing Your Skin Finding Your Solution
Artistry Systems Display

Artistry Beauty Boutique

It is the same with a system for skin care; Artistry provides scientifically backed specialized cleansers, toners, serums, lotions and crèmes that replenish and work together as a system to create good skin.


Artistry begins to assist in the repair process when following

Your chosen system with skincare steps:

The Artistry of Knowing Your Skin Finding Your Solution
Proper Care
  1. Cleanse using our deep pore cleansing lotion, which cannot clog the pores like bars containing paraffin do;
  2. Exfoliate to remove dead cells so new cells show through;
  3. Tone which resets the PH of our skin and prepares it to receive deeper cell moisturization;
  4. Treat with intensive serums and products that penetrate into the cells structure and repairs them;
  5. Moisturizer for the delicate eye area each specially designed to repair cells on the inside, brighten the eye area, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles, lift lids and reduce under eye bags.
  6. Moisturizer for the face and exposed neckline area helps maintain the skins balance, fight wrinkles and helps our skin stay younger looking.


It’s easy to take our face for granted.  Since our face is the portrait of our personality and is the first thing people notice about us, caring for it is important.  When you redefine your appearance by awakening the skin to look vibrant and as healthy as possible, you can confidently look and feel your best!

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The Artistry of Knowing Your Skin Finding Your Solution
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