2019 Vervenista Caribbean Cruise

Imagine you relaxing and enjoying the warm sunshine and balmy breezes on an Island Paradise beach.  How it feels to breath deeply of the salty ocean scent wafting in the wind while listening to melodic waves as they arrive and retreat from the white sandy shore line.   Are you ready for some me time and to actually experience a fun escape that is good for the soul?  You will when you cruise with us.  There’s no better time than Now to plan and make a dream get-a-way happen.  We believe the more the merrier so grab your BFFS and get ready for the best leisure time ever!  Still not sure?

Check out our list of reasons for taking time away NOW!

  • You only live once!
  • Gives you a beacon of hope to look forward to
  • Regenerates your enthusiasm for the work that will get you there
  • Time off is essential to your well being
  • It’s an investment in yourself that will improve your good health
  • Travel helps reduce and alleviate stress
  • Get thinner by feeling more energized and being more active
  • Helps prevent illness, reduce heart disease and associated symptoms
  • You can take a break, truly relax and rest
  • Helps interrupt the habits that disrupt sleep and improves your sleep quality
  • Our brains are hard wired to be happier near water
  • You become more open minded to absorb and imbibe fresh perspectives
  • Renew yourself and perform better when you get back
  • Helps you to be more creative, insightful and better solve problems
  • Improves your optimistic mindset,  focus, and productivity
  • Get out of your comfort zone and experience quality of life
  • Opens you up to new cultures, cuisines and perspectives
  • Traveling together is the best way to build personal or professional relationships
  • Good for your personal life
  • Teaches you to savor the moment 
  • You come back more balanced, inspired and happier!

Just a few reasons why time off and travel are good for you!  We’re sure to have missed one.  So if these aren’t enough thoughts we invite you to share your best reason for taking time for yourself! 

2019 Vervenista Caribbean Cruise Promotional Flyer

More Details

For a fabulous five-night cruise to the Caribbean January 5-10, 2019 join the Vervenista Caribbean Cruise hosted by Artistry Crowning Beauty.

This is going to be THE place to be!

Cruise  in style to ports only previously dreamed of.   Relax and spend time on ship until time for you to visit Cozumel and the Yucatan aboard the SS Triumph.  Enrich your world with a Tropical Treasure of Memories to remember and share for a lifetime.  It’s time you experience the joy of being with unique people who live life and love it to the fullest and believe in leaving a little sparkle wherever they go.  



Crowning Beauty

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