Is There a Lip Balm That Actually Heals Lips?

Lip Balm

Yes, A Lip Balm that Actually Heals Lips!

Once upon a time I struggled with my lips being miserably dry, cracked and rough.  Additionally, I  didn’t know that lack of hydration and nutrition were contributing factors causing them to thin and disappear in my face.

For me, it was all about healing my dry, chapped, dehydrated lips.  Now I am able to help others find a solution to the same irritating challenge.

It didn’t matter what brand or how much chapstick I used, the lack of consistent improvement was not making me very happy.  After using this Clear Lip Balm, my lips became more hydrated, plump and so improved in appearance and shape that people actually noticed.  My sister specifically said, “Wow…you’re getting your heart shaped lips back.”

Heart Shaped Lips

In the beginning I used this Lip Balm morning, noon and night.  Great news! Now, depending on the season, I may use it once a day, every other day or even once a week! One tube has lasted me for as long as an entire year.

Continuing to use the Clear Lip Balm over and over is my pleasure because it consistently provides me beautiful, vibrantly healthy looking and feeling lips.  My lips glow with a subtle sheen while feeling so dewey and kissably soft.  I love how they look and feel everyday.

After sharing the Clear Lip Balm  with clients, they too are so impressed they can’t wait to order and keep reordering it for themselves.  They now call me with glowing testimonies that they also are experiencing the same amazing benefits and loving it!  So you should too!  I highly recommend it to anyone asking or looking for actual testimonies that support such amazing claims.

The balm is not a chap stick but rather a specialized rejuvenating lip repair treatment! The balm actually heals dry and repairs crusty lips, as opposed to just coating them for temporary relief.

Sheer Lip Balm and Lip Sticks

This hypo allergenic, clinically proven Clear Lip Balm is formulated using the best of science and nature.  It contains Vitamin E, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea butter, Bees Wax and so much more!

I love that it is pure, fragrance and flavor free, light weight and goes on clear and super smooth with an ultimate sheer shine.

Happily, the lip balm also comes in gloriously glossy, non-feathering lipstick shades that leave no after taste like other lip balms and stains I have compared with.  And I definitely Love carrying the Lip Balm in its elegant and sophisticated looking crescendo style casing.

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