The Artistry of Wedding Magic

Wedding Magic

Congratulations to the newlyweds Keegan and Tyfiedra Powell.  Such a privilege for Artistry Crowning Beauty to provide makeup artistry for their Halloween inspired and magically unique Wedding Theme …

“The Night Before Christmas”


Disney shares with us that this unique and perfect fairytale couple are opposites, so they balance each other out nicely.  That Jack is impulsive and a dreamer, while Sally is far more sensible.  That every relationship needs a little bit of both; because that’s the only way things stay interesting, while never getting out of hand.  That Cool couples always have random, unlikely things in common.

We find Sally supports Jack even when she disagrees with him.  What’s love if it’s not standing with someone even when they fail spectacularly, especially when you warned them about it beforehand and they didn’t listen to you? And Sally  … she doesn’t say “I told you so” even once.  We think that’s part of the magic with a great couple.

Notwithstanding, we are enchanted with the whimsy of and think this couple is magic too!   We know it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts, but look at them.  Keegan is the dapperest, and Tyfiedra the most chic. We’re obsessed with them individually and even more so as a pair.

After all, when it all shakes down, there is no denying, Keegan and Tyfriedra simply look so good together!!!

They’re simply meant to be!


Congratulations and Best Wishes Always!!!


Crowning Beauty

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