What are some good makeup tips for women with hooded eyes?

Artistry Hooded Eye Makeup Tips
Artistry Hooded Eye Makeup Tips

One of the secrets to makeup is placement.  Beauty tips for Hooded Eyes makeup from Artistry Crowning Beauty helps you define your signature look to confidently look, feel and be your best and most beautiful  version of yourself. 

Signature Makeup is an application technique of three easy steps, EVEN*DEFINE*COLOR and chosen to be simple, memorable, and repeatable. The signature system can be used to pull together an unlimited number of  looks.  Artistry keeps any makeup look on trend and perfected.

We are targeting the DEFINE step.  For hooded eyes or any eye shape start with and never skip your eyebrow grooming.  Apply pencil, or brow shadow … or even eye shadow, beginning with the thickest part and moving to the end of the eyebrow, in feathery strokes then brush with a spoolie brush.  Filling in eyebrows with color … that are naturally too light, sparse or even missing, helps create the illusion of an automatic face lift and more particularly enhances any hooded eye look.

Almond eyes have the perfect proportions according to many experts; therefore, makeup techniques are used to visually obtain the same proportions.  Hooded eyes are when eyelids are hidden by a more pronounced upper eye area, sometimes called shadowing the eyelid.  The goal is to minimize and lift the appearance of the upper eye area that is drooping so the eye appears similar to the almond eye shape.

For enchanting eyes, and to avoid re-doing faceprimerconcealer and foundation, prep your entire eye area with eye cream.  Additionally, tap a small amount of eye moisturizer under the eye but do not rub it in.  Once eye shadow application has been completed, place a sponge over the area under the eye with the extra moisturizer and press it into the skin.  The eye shadow dust will be absorbed by the sponge, leaving the skin ready for primer, foundation, and concealer.

To keep your eye liner in place even longer, apply it first and a coordinating shade of eye shadow overthe top of  it. 

Next apply a soft blend of eye shadow shades.  Start with only a small amount of eye shadow with an all over eye blender brush or applicator ….. it’s much easier to add shadow than it is to take it away.  Apply the lightest color shade of white, beige or cream as a highlighter all over the entire eyelid from the lash line to under the eyebrow.

Take your precision crease brush and accent with the second lightest or midtone color by applying to the center of the eyelids and blending outward toward the corner.   While keeping your eye open, use the crease brush to sweep a midtone shadow onto the hooded area above the eyelid, from the lash line to slightly above the crease. To find your crease, gently push the crease brush into the lid; your crease is where you feel the top of your eyeball.

The midtone color minimizes the appearance of the hooded area and the lighter color brings the lid forward, opening up the eye.  For even bigger, brighter eyes apply an accent color (even metallic or shimmer) to the center of the eyelid and blend left and right.

To create lift in your brow, and help define the arch, apply a light, shimmery highlighting shade just under the arch of the brows. Also apply to the inside corner of the eyes to open them up.

Make sure shadow is not applied past the outer corner of your eye; keeping the shadow inside the outer corner and up toward the end of the brow adds lift to your eye.

Blend * Blend * Blend

For a soft and diffused mysteriously exotic look make sure you Blend.Blend.Blend so you do not see where one shade of shadow ends and another begins.

Before applying liner or mascara always use the eyelash curler to 
provide easier reach of the mascara wand and open up your wide eyed look.

When lining your eyes, apply a very thin line of eye pencil or a darkshade of eye shadow along the upper lash line starting at the outer corner and working inward. Don’t worry about creating a perfect line.  You have the opportunity to smudge the line and the color down into the lashes using an angled eye liner brush or pencil sponge.  You may also run a white eyeliner pencil to the inside of the eye to make it look bigger.

Alternatively, choose a waterproof formula for liner loveliness. When applying liquid liner keep it close to the roots of the lashes.  Once applied, keep looking down until the liner is completely dry to prevent smudging.

Even though lining thebottom eyelash is not a hooded eye industry standard, I choose more definition for my signature look so I always line my top and bottom lash lines for a more framed eye look.  Next I apply mascara to my bottom lashes for length and definition, let it dry, then apply liquid eyeliner and mascara to my top lashes.  This additional step prevents mascara specks or smudging on my eye shadow or brow bone while looking up to work on my lower lashes.  And … if you can’t reach your eyelash roots with your mascara, paint them with liquid eyeliner!

Since different wand movements create definition … tap the wand over the top of your lashes, using an up and down motion, then sweep up and under, pulling through lashes; wiggle the wand for a second at the lash base to create more volume at the base of the lashes then move the wand through the lash tips.  Next, turn the wand vertically and use the tip of the wand to sweep back and forth over lash tips.  Wait for formula to set and repeat until desired effect is achieved.

There you have it!  Your beautiful hooded eye … signature beauty look!


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