Give the Gift of Pampering

Give the Gift of Pampering

Love yourself or treat someone you love to the gift of beauty and give the gift of clean, beautiful confidence for a memorable and luxurious “Well Gifted” experience this season.

The gift of pampering beauty is the best gift you could possibly give to yourself or loved ones!  We all need and deserve the opportunity to unwind and relax, unplug and disconnect from the outside world of commitments in daily life in order to look and feel our best. 

Pampering treatments, in a relaxing environment, are healthy, not frivolous.  Even an hour once a month of  UNINTERRUPED “ME” TIME provides a huge impact on personal wellbeing and peace of mind.

Sometimes it’s nice to pamper yourself … but even more so to be pampered by others.  You are sure to win brownie points when you give a gift of indulgence from our range of Pampering or Makeup Artistry Services to your bestie or that special someone who needs some relaxation or glam in their life.

So why not give a body the TLC it deserves?  Our gift certificates are perfect for all occasions, and best of all they are available for any of the services we offer!  Come see us or contact us today to secure an extraordinarily thoughtful gift for that special someone.

Choose from sugaring and waxing to pampering  services such as signature facials, body scrubs, wraps, massage to help rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit, and activate the bodies own energy sources to achieve psychological balance while reducing tiredness and stress.  Frequency of receiving pampering treatments directly correlates with a variety of benefits which may include and help to:

  • enjoy an ideal place to reflect on your life and focus on personal rediscovery;

  • experience spiritual benefits that improve both your mental and physical health;

  • de-stress and escape the realities of a busy schedule, help you re-focus on what is important and gain a sense of renewal;

  • refresh your mind and heal and soothe your body;

  • feel energized and ready to conquer everything you have to do;

  • give you renewed optimism and a brighter outlook on life;

  • detoxify the body and repair itself;

  • experience a better quality night sleep so your body can work to keep you healthy;

  • boost your immune system with fewer sick days;

  • reduce absenteeism from work and fewer hospitalizations;

  • care for and improve the overall appearance and health of your skin;

  • go deeper than the superficial layer of the skin with deep-cleansing, toning and moisturizing of the skin;

  • rid the skin of impurities by incorporating cleansers, scrubs, and heat packs or steam to soften the skin;

  • treat acne and breakouts and  help unblock the skin’s pores by removing dirt, excess oils and other impurities resulting in clearer, less noticeable pores;

  • stimulate healthy fibroblast cell function for improved collagen production and skin elasticity;

  • diminish the signs of aging and smooth established wrinkles by maintaining the health of your skin;

  • rejuvenate and promote massive improvement for radiant facial and body skin;

  • detox and purify the body and release toxins to boost the immune system thus leading to a healthier life;

  • relax and improve muscle and joint flexibility;

  • relieve aches and pains and soothe chronic conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia and muscle spasms;

  • reduce anxiety, frequency of  head-aches and stress in the neck and head area;

  • reduce digestive disorders, soft tissue strains, and sports injuries;

  • support weight loss management;

  • stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system by assisting your body to flush out harmful toxins;

  • improve circulation and blood flow which, when compromised, leads to health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease;

  • aid in preventing varicose veins;

  • release a hormone called Serotonin which enhances the body and mind’s “feel good” state and promotes increased happiness;

Pampering facial and body treatments are recommended every 3 to 4 weeks.  This allows enough time between treatments for your skin to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation.

With regular pampering treatments and a proper home care regimen challenges such as oily skin (prone to blackheads & whiteheads) or overly dry or sensitive skin can be improved on the face and body.  Once an appropriate system of treatment is established it is highly recommended to continue and consistently  maintain the regimen at home.  The way you take of your skin at home accounts for 80% of the condition of the skin.

Follow the simple home care steps  for your best skin ever!

  • Cleanse

  • Tone

  • Treat

  • Moisturize (Nourish & Protect) 

Want a Gift Card or Gift Certificate for yourself?  Give your “honey a hint” and send them our way!

Here’s to pampering LOVE for everyone!


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  1. Ever since I started using your Artistry products, which was about a year now, I was hooked on them. I love the makeup and the polishing exfoliation mask … makes my face feel so soft. I look forward to trying out some more of Artistry products. I’m glad I met you at the shows in Cape.

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