How to Solve the Winter Dry Skin Blues

Solve the Dry Skin Winter Blues

Ready to solve the winter dry skin blues? Here’s what you may need to consider…

It’s a fact … healthy, good looking skin comes from 80% good home care and 20% aesthetic treatments. To maintain healthy glowing skin, it is vital to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. A good at home skincare system and consistent regimen are key to success. 

Hydration, not just moisturization, is essential in keeping the skin younger and more healthy looking in the winter months … and year round.

Using a system that is scientifically and clinically proven to immediately provide penetrating skin hydration is the first consideration. Long-term hydration and watery fresh skin that is replenished and revitalized with balanced hydration up to 24 hours and organic nutrition is crucial.

Next, consistently follow the subsequent and simple 4 step skincare regimen every morning and evening. Doing so will produce your utmost smooth, soft, and supple feeling skin beyond all expectations. Who doesn’t want to achieve our most beautiful skin at any age?

Step 1: Cleanse

Designed to remove oils, makeup and dirt while leaving skin refreshed.

Step 2: Tone

Conditions, softens, and preps the skin to receive optimal hydration benefits.

Step 3: Treat

Hydrate and moisturize your eye area using the specially developed eye care product. They provide targeted treatment especially for that purpose.

Step 4: Moisturize and Hydrate

Long-lasting hydration encourages a strong moisture barrier to help lock hydration in the skin. Your skin will have a refreshing watery-fresh feel.

Check out these Extra Beauty Tips:

TIP: Add UVA/UVB Protection to your daily skincare regimen. Choose sunscreen, a CC Cream or Foundation designed to block cell damaging free radicals that cause premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles. (Sun or Not)

TIP: Ask me for a recommendation for the best clinically proven hydrating lip balm that repairs, restores and keeps your lips beautiful and kissably soft. I can even recommend a tinted lip balm for a little pop of color.

TIP: Hydrated skin will help make your makeup application look Great! You will require less foundation, if any, and your foundation will look and feel like it is your skin.

Tip: Allow at least 30-45 days of consistent use for noticeable optimal results that are real.

TIP: As we age, our cells no longer store the same amount of water that once kept our skin more plumped and youthful looking. Always drink the commonly recommended eight 8-ounce glasses of liquid (or more) every day, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon.

TIP: Enhance your skin health and appearance even further by using the best organic nutritional supplements available for energy and Hair, Skin and Nails every day.

Tip: Add facial yoga, strength training or exercise to tone muscles to help your skin feel and look your best and most beautiful.

If you are experiencing the Winter Dry Skin Blues for your skin type (combination, oily, dry, sensitive, acne prone, mature), give me a shout.  I am happy to work with you one to one and provide affordable system and regimen recommendations exclusively tailored to you. Together we will define, treat and help prevent or reverse skincare concerns and maintain your more hydrated and glowingly healthy, radiant skin.

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Looking for a safe and effective regimen to try? Consider working with me and Crowning Beauty for services and professional recommendations. You’ll have great skin, a great look, and you’ll know how to do it yourself affordably so you confidently *sparkle* and *shine*.

As always, thank you for taking time to read my blog post. Ready for even more radiantly glowing skin? Check out …. How to Exfoliate Properly … (Coming soon)


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