The Artistry of How to Exfoliate Effectively

Exfoliate Effectively

The Artistry of How to Exfoliate Effectively

Ready to have more beautiful, flawless skin? Here’s what you may need to consider…

Moisturization is key to great skincare; however, for optimal hydration not just any method or regimen will work. You may also need to consider exfoliation …

Why Exfoliate ???
  • Unclog pores, sweeps away dead and dry skin, along with all the other surface debris and helps prevent acne breakouts
  • Helps other skincare products penetrate deeper by unclogging pores and smoothing the surface of the skin by ridding it of any dead or dry skin cells
  • Evens skin tone, dark spots, rough texture, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars so skin looks more uniform
  • Boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage for internal cleansing and stimulation of oxygen-rich blood to feed and nourish the skin’s surface
  • Increases cell turnover and keeps fresh, healthy cells at the surface, removing dead, dry, or dying ones so you look more radiantly glowing
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis to improve the skin’s texture & integrity and keep the skin looking plump, tight, and more youthful

How can exfoliation of our skin during the winter months help take care of our skin?

Every year, particularly with the onset of winter, we notice our skin looks and feels dryer.  No doubt winter weather is one external element that contributes to dryer skin.  To combat the dryness, and take better care of our skin, we moisturize more frequently; if however, no matter how much moisturizer we apply, our skin doesn’t look or feel any more hydrated we need to take a look at our skin care regimen and how and what we are using to treat our skin. 

Exfoliation may be one missing element and necessary factor to add to our skin care arsenal to achieve more hydrated and our most beautiful skin at any age.

Our body is covered with skin, our body’s largest organ, and is our body’s protective covering.  The skin’s top layer is made up of dead skin cells and is the main barrier to penetration by external elements.  Our body’s skin is in a constant state of regeneration which replaces dead skin cells with new skin cells from below.  How quickly new skin cells are formed and move to the surface is dependent upon metabolism and aging.  Both factors cause the average rate of cell turnover to slow down and results in dead skin cells remaining on the surface for a longer period of time.

When the dead cell layer becomes too thick, from excess buildup of dead cells from lack of or improper exfoliation, the layer will act as an impermeable barrier of great resistance to nutritive and moisturizing product penetration. Proper exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells assists in the renewal process by removing the superficial dead cell barrier from the outer surface layer of skin. 

Exfoliation stimulates new cell growth and increases the penetration and effectiveness of the necessary moisturizing treatment that follows by allowing better absorption.  Additional benefits are skin is smoother, softer, more healthy and results in beautifully glowing skin after just one treatment.

Bottom line – exfoliation is extremely important in keeping the skin young and healthy looking in the winter months … and year round.

How should one go about exfoliating the skin?

Gomage – an exfoliating treatment in which a layer of crème (gomage) is applied to skin, is allowed to dry and then rubbed away.  Using gomage is a method that causes friction, making the crème bead up and fall away, taking dead surface skin cells with it.

To go about exfoliating and removing dead skin cells simply choose from manual, enzymatic or acid, or mechanical treatments. There are a myriad of exfoliation applications available as follows: 

Scrubs  are hands on exfoliants manually manipulated on the skin to gently remove dead skin cells, accelerate natural exfoliation, polish and improve skin texture.  Scrubs contain abrasive coarse granular substances with a slightly grainy or rough texture and when used on the skin rub against and scrape off and remove dead cells on the surface of the skin.  

Examples of manual scrub ingredients are: salt, sugar, almond meal, walnut, synthetic micro-beads, jojoba beads or powdered pumice. A word of caution…some of these may be considered too abrasive and may cause micro tears in the skin.

Manual scrubs may be also be used in conjunction with hand-held devices used on skin and applied to a particular area of the face or body for superficial exfoliation and deep cleansing. 

Examples of Hand-held choices may include washcloths, loofahs, body brushes, sponges, exfoliating gloves, microderm abrasion cloths and rotating brushes.

Chemical or natural exfoliants work independently to remove dead skin cells. Natural organic enzymes, glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acid, work in conjunction with other ingredients to cause a chemical reaction that breaks down protein bonds holding dead cells at the surface.

Advanced exfoliation treatments include superficial micro-dermabrasion and chemical exfoliations a/k/a light peels usually performed by an esthetician; medium to deep peels, dermabrasion, dermaplaning and laser resurfacing must be administered in a medical setting.

What types of exfoliation products should one look for that aren’t drying for the winter months?

Products that are clinically tested to be non-drying with a lathering cream base containing organic and botanical ingredients.  Exfoliation products should  be hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, (which are less likely to clog pores), with antioxidants that stabilize and prevent skin inflammation and damage due to free radicals.

TIP: To experience an even more beneficial and hydrating exfoliation treatment add a drop of essential oil to the gomage crème or scrub before applying.

Anything else that would be helpful to know pertaining to exfoliation?

  • recommend mild exfoliation once or twice a week to rid the skin of superficial dead skin cells, dry patches and built-up sebum;
  • will stimulate new cell growth, enhance nerve stimulation and skin respiration;
  • increases circulation and moisture retention via being more receptive to the beneficial products applied directly afterwards;
  • allows for and is very effective in deeper cleansing of the pores and visibly reduces their appearance;
  • rejuvenates the appearance of dull-looking skin so it looks more radiant, fresher and younger looking;
  • leaves the skin softer, smoother, more evenly textured, and with noticeably softened fine lines;
  • skin will be smooth as glass and makeup will blend easier.

If you are experiencing uneven skin tone and dull, lack lustre skin concerns for your skin type (combination, oily, dry, sensitive, mature), give me a shout.  I am happy to work with you and provide an affordable program exclusively tailored to you that will treat and help prevent or reverse concerns and maintain glowingly healthy, radiant skin.

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