Grammys Red Carpet Makeup Tutorial

Grammys Red Carpet Makeup Tutorial
Katy Grammys Open 8.3.16Katy Grammys Closed 8.3.16Katy Grammys 8.3.16

My incredibly beautiful model Katy and I had so much fun creating the Grammys Red Carpet look! Journey with us to create your gorgeous Artistry Signature Beauty “Grammys” Red Carpet makeup look!

The following products in our Artistry makeup kit were used:


Brush Set #700154
Foundation Brush #110449
Essentials Eyeliner Brush Item #: 105546
Basic items needed: Cotton Puff Balls & Buds, Facial Sponges, Tweezers & Eye Lash Curler.
False Lashes & Adhesive.


Hydra-V™ System for Oily Skin #: 119881
Hydra-V™ Refreshing Eye Gel Cream #: 117649


Exact Fit® Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 35 #: 118209
Exact Fit® Powder Foundation Natural L2N2 #: 116730
*Exact Fit® Compact #: 116745
*Exact Fit® Powder Applicator #: 116104


Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad – Natural Glow #: 118394
*Signature Color® Compact #: 116745
Signature Color® Longwearing Eye Pencil – Black #: 118921
*Signature Color® Eye Pencil Sharpener #: 119592
Signature Eyes Length & Definition Mascara® – Black #: 112237
Signature Eyes Volume Mascara® – Black #: 116801


Signature Color® Blush – Dusty Mauve #: 118403
*Signature Color® Compact #: 116745
Automatic LipLiner Pencil Holder #: 112146
*Automatic LipLiner Pencil Refill – Dusty Rose #: 112141
Signature Color® Sheer Lipstick Natural Pink – 56 #: 115404
Signature Color® Lipstick Daring Red – 6 #: 115383
Light Up Lip Gloss – Rose Petal (Shimmer) #: 118571

Thank you, genuinely, for reading my blog and for your support. You may order Artistry products used for the “Grammys Red Carpet” look from my store website at

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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need help ordering or are in need of my professional makeup artistry services and assistance to create this gorgeous “Grammys” Red Carpet makeup look!

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