Glamorous & Bold Statement Look

Glamorous & Bold Statement Look

Cheyenne’s joy was “to come out with a Glamorous & Bold Statement Look” that dazzled on her very special birthday.   

By tapping the beauty and inner glow in her heart, to define the Artistry within, we created Cheyenne’s uniquely dramatic signature glam look.

Cheyenne looked absolutely gorgeous and stated she “felt so so beautiful” all day for her special birthday event.  As she confidently glowed … her inner beauty radiantly illuminated with *sparkle & shine*!  Cheyenne stated she “received so many compliments” making her special dream statement come true.  A total Win-Win for sure!

So blessed to have been a part of Cheyenne’s special day and for the privilege in defining and creating a Look she absolutely LOVED!

To follow the steps used to create Cheyenne’s Bold & Dramatic Glam Look check out our tutorial below….


To prepare Cheyenne’s facial canvas we used the Signature Beauty skincare steps to Reveal * Resolve * Renew * and Redefine her unique skincare needs, as follows:

Foundational Steps:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Treat (Eye Cream)
  • Moisturize

To achieve a more supple and flawless looking canvas we applied the combination skincare system for lasting 24 hour hydration.  Once the facial canvas was thoroughly hydrated and prepped … we continued Makeup Artistry application using the Even * Define * Color Signature Beauty application steps:


  • Primer in Light
  • Foundation in Ochre (L1N2)
  • Concealer in Light
  • Brightener in Light
  • Perfecting Loose Powder in Light
  • Shear Shimmer Powder

For more coverage and flawless-looking skin we used multi-tasking primer before foundation.  The primer was invisible on the skin while perfecting and minimizing the appearance of dark spots, pores, and blemishes.  The primer also helped to perfect and hydrate the skin, so makeup would glide and blend more easily, while extending the wear of the foundation.

To match the undertone perfectly we used protective pro aging foundation, in Ochre L2N1, to keep the skin hydrated, boost the skin’s natural lift and elasticity and instantly soften and diminish the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles.  Her skin appeared smoother, more luminous, younger and radiant with a more healthy glow.

Perfecting concealer covered any imperfection or blemish perfectly, brightened dark under eye discoloration and left a flawless, natural-looking finish.

Brightener was applied around the brows, on the tip of the nose and in the Cupid’s Bow (a facial feature under your nose and the highest point of the lips) said to resemble the bow of Cupid, the Roman God of Erotic Love.

For a more matte and luminous look we swept perfecting loose powder down the center of the face and over the cheekbones and outer edges of the face leaving a soft glow.  We topped the foundational even step off with a light dusting of shimmering face powder.


  • Brow Pencil
  • Eye Shadow (7) different shades
  • Eye Pencil
  • Dramatic Bold and Elegant Lashes
  • Lash Builder
  • Black Mascara
  • Liquid Eye Liner

We filled her brows in using the automatic brow pencil in brown to create a more dramatic and bolder brow.  Brightener was applied around the brows to clean-up and help define a sharper, crisper look.

Our palette of eye shadow colors included 7 different shades, blended to perfection.  The shadows included sparkling pink nude as the base, two matte shades of plum, iridescent gray, glittering purple, shimmering white in the corners and dazzling silver in the center.

The bottom lash was lined with black eye pencil followed by lash builder and black mascara applied to the lower lash.  Elegantly Bold and Dramatic Lashes were added.  Once set, black 3-in-1mascara in black was applied underneath the lashes to darken her natural lash while creating a darker, more full lash look.  Lastly, black liquid eye liner was applied to the upper eye to create her dramatic winged eye look.


  • Pink Blush
  • Golden Bronzer
  • Hydrating Lip Balm
  • Wine Lip Liner
  • Lavender Lip Stain
  • Loose Powder
  • Silver Lip Stain
  • Pink Nude Lighted Lip Gloss
  • Setting Spray

To pull her look all together we applied a pop of color for the highlight and finishing touch.  Applying Sparkling Pink Blush on the apple of the cheeks and applied the blush straight back to the middle of the ear then up for a lift.  Golden Bronzer was applied to the forehead, sides of the face nearest the hair line, then under her jaw line for more definition.

Treating the lips with moisturizing vitamin E lip balm smoothed and hydrated them before applying wine lip liner, lavender lip stain, loose powder, and glimmering silver lip stain topped off with a sheer pink nude lighted lip gloss.

Once the makeup artists best kept secret, and our final step for Cheyenne’s stay all day glam look, was to mist her gorgeous face with makeup setting spray.  The silky smooth, barely-there veil of boosted hydration helped lock in her fresh, flawless, just-applied makeup look she absolutely LOVED!

Find the skincare and makeup artistry products used to create Cheyenne’s elegantly Bold and Dramatic Look @ Crowning Beauty  or please feel free to contact us for personal assistance and services to define and create a look you absolutely LOVE. (With or without Makeup)

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