Peppermint Fudge – a Minty Handcrafted Delight


The smell of Peppermint is in the air and it’s calling all lovers of Minty Fresh Sweetness …

And who can resist it when added to hand crafted fudge made with real cream and butter.  So creamy and smooth it melts in your mouth and satisfies that sweet sweet craving like no other treat can.

The cool classic taste of peppermint is a spice that not only warms the tongue but delights the soul!

Its aroma triggers treasured memories and awakens warm feelings of remembrance during the holiday season.

Yes … of course we know it’s a nutritionally poor food choice and it contains high levels of sugar without any essential vitamins or mineral.

But it’s not a meal tho … right? And who doesn’t love a sweet treat now and again? And as a seasonal classic gift … it’s simply unsurpassed!

So what better way to experience sheer blissful peppermint delight than to indulge with Sweets & Treats Fudge or in the signature flavor of your choice.

Peppermint Fudge

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