What is a Candy Cane Shea Sugar Scrub

The bright invigorating peppermint aroma of a candy cane perks me up anytime …


 but it’s an extra special scent to be enjoyed around the holiday season because of its warm spicy menthol aroma. 

We, at the Artistry & Aesthetics Studio, believe Peppermint smells as good as it tastes.  And even more so when properly applied with specialized body treatments catered to your signature lifestyle that make you feel vibrant and revitalized!

Which is why a tantalizing Candy Cane Shea Body Butter Sugar Scrub or what is sometimes called a Body Polish is such a special treat. A great treatment year round … and even more so in the winter when skin is prone to be even more dry and flaky looking. 


You may wonder if there is a difference between a body polish and a body scrub. Really there is no difference… they are just different names for the same skincare treatment.

The best way to think about a body scrub or polish is basically it’s a facial treatment designed to care for the skin on the whole body.

The advanced specialized skincare treatment is provided by a licensed beauty skincare professional known as an esthetician.  

The popular body scrub combines exfoliation with massage … a  treatment that simply means the outermost layer of dead skin cells are removed and gently sloughed off and damaged surface cells are scrubbed away on your body’s skin. 

Fresher, newer skin underneath is revealed for more radiantly smooth and softer looking skin.

This specialized wellness treatment ends with an application of nutrient rich, peptide infused, hydrating body lotion clinically proven to bring you the gentle and healthy results you desire.

You’ll leave your treatment feeling clean, hydrated,  smooth and silky soft with your body glowing!


If you’re ready to start making this part of your lifestyle but not sure where to start?

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