Beat Dry Skin Winter Woes with Berry Sweet Treatments

At one point in my life I was always in such a rush .. But one winter day I had an unusual wake up call…

As I rubbed my hand against my  pants leg it raised slightly and revealed my leg as I walked by my spouse … I hadn’t noticed the dry flaky skin showing up on my legs … but he sure did. 

He grabbed my arm and stopped me, pulled my pants leg up higher, rubbed the bare area and made me take a really long hard look.  My skin was so dry it looked crumpled. It was unattractive looking to say the least.

I’ll never forget he asked … “What’s this?” Then with genuine concern because he cared about my well being he sternly admonished me, “Debra, you go get some lotion and put on your legs and don’t you ever let me see you like this again.”

I was mortified and so embarrassed.  I vowed to myself not to ever let it happen again.  I promised myself that I would simply have to slow down and take more time for taking better care of myself. 

Which also goes to show that what you don’t see .. Others do…

Dry Skin Winter Solutions

Later in my journey of skincare I became a licensed esthetician (skin care specialist) and also a graduate Makeup Artistry Pro and learned a simple skincare exfoliation treatment called a body scrub or sugar polish. The treatment, in conjunction with clinically proven hydration and moisturizing skincare, helps combat and reverse dry, flaky dehydrated body skin.

Body treatments are not equal and should not be confused with facial exfoliation treatments. Exfoliating facials include scrubs, masks, gommage, peels, micro-dermabrasion and even derma-blade.

As I now practice within my profession, the realization hit me that many people still believe taking  time out for  more in-depth skin care and even facials are non-essential or even frivolous… 

They’re not…  Nothing could be further from the truth…

Proper skincare and preventative maintenance is a necessity and everyone should buy out time to learn why great skincare is so important for your overall health and well-being.

You’re  never too old and it’s never too late to get started with professional skincare treatments and follow up home care is a necessity. 

When it comes to great skincare, nothing beats the assistance of a respectful and caring licensed beauty therapist who can help with regular skincare maintenance as part of your whole well being program. 

All ages, genders and types of people benefit from soothing body scrubs, massage, wraps and facials and they are in no way painful or sissyfied treatments. 

Do you believe a little bit of help can make all the difference?  Yes, it’s actually easier when you let a professional beauty expert help take the load off your shoulders or guide you to achieving great looking skin.

You know … deep down… that you deserve care and your skin can’t afford you not to provide it!

We can help.

You’ll leave the Studio feeling blissfully pampered from your facial or body treatment looking and feeling clean, hydrated,  smooth, silky soft and glowing!

Can’t make it to the Studio? There is always alternatives…

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x Debra Ann


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