Makeup Artistry Love Letters

Makeup Artistry Love Letters

Makeup Artistry Love Letters

Makeup Artistry Love Letters

Empowering you to define the Artistry within and create your best flawlessly gorgeous and stunning look so you confidently leave a “little more” sparkle wherever you go!

Stunning Brides!

“Thank you for making me so beautiful on my wedding day.”

Lyndsay H.
“My wedding day was the most spectacular day of my life.  Debra’s makeup artistry made me look so beautiful on my wedding day,  I don’t think I’ll ever be as beautiful ever again.”

“As mother of the bride, Debra’s makeup Artistry was a gift of perfection that made my daughter look stunning and all the bridesmaids and myself look flawless.  My daughter was so beautiful it took my breath away.”

Tina R.
City Clerk

Excellent Bridal Trials!

I really enjoyed meeting Debra to have her work her “magic” on me! She has an extensive knowledge of her products and knew just what product and color would look best on me. She fully explained each step and asked each step if I liked what she did. I did purchase a few products to add to my makeup. I look forward to her coming back to my home on the day of my son’s wedding for her to do my hair and makeup. I would not hesitate to use Debra again!!! P.S. I did a trial run of hair and makeup at a local salon two days before Debra did mine and was very disappointed. After Debra did mine I didn’t want to wash my hair or face. LOL.

Connie G.
“My trial session was very enjoyable. The artist made me feel comfortable. She was very knowledgeable of her tools, products & application. The session was affordable. It was conducted with professionalism & she was focused on what I wanted. She worked diligently to match the makeup to the photograph I brought in & match it perfectly. I’m very satisfied & will use her for other events.”

Shannon T.
Radio Marketer

I Love my New Look!

“Deb has done a great job with finding me make up I absolutely love”

Restaurant Manager


“My experience with my Beauty Break by Debra Charles was amazing! She is prepared and thorough when applying her products. She is a firm believer in what she does with emphasis on the benefits you receive using Artistry. While she is performing her Artistic skills she made me feel very comfortable and took the time to get on a personal level. She knows exactly how to make you look and feel better about yourself!”

Angie O.

So Happy!

“I was miserable with my face and I did not even want to look in the mirror anymore. When Debra used her artistic talents with my Beauty Break she introduced me to Artistry pro-aging skincare. The results have been amazing! Multiple signs of aging have been repaired and reversed; i.e., the crows feet around my eyes, the multiple fine lines and wrinkles on my cheeks, the large pores refined,the turkey neck, and even more. I have been transformed into someone I now like and don’t mind seeing in the mirror.  I am so thankful to have been introduced not only to her artistic makeup artistry skills but most definitely the Artistry products she promotes in her professional line of work.”

Dee D.

Thanks Nana!

“I went to the lodge today to see my Nana Debra Charles…she wanted to give me a make up make over! WOW!! Is it bad my Nana can do my make-up better than I can do my own!! Thanks Nana!!”

Alexis C.
High School Senior


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