Vervenista Inner Circle

Vervenista Innewr Circle
Vervenista Inner Circle

Vervenista Inner Circle

Vervenista Inner Circle Members  choose to confidently and elegantly Leave a Little * More SPARKLE* Wherever they Go!

Here’s where to find us … Simply join our Facebook Vervenista Inner Circle!

You receive:

. Vervenista Buzzz  Sparkle & Shine Tidbits with occasional (and awesome) updates and recommendations and tips and tricks for beauty, health, wellness to fit your unique lifestyle

. educational videos, demos and how to’s

. image and boutique updates & special offers

. entry into our monthly FREE Prize Drawing

Free Shipping with a $90 order on recommended products @ Crowning Beauty

or 10% Discount with a Free Ditto Standing Order Account

Thank you for joining us!

* Love to have an in-home or on-line Beauty Break or Pamper Party?  

Simply sign in thru Google and fill out the form.  Your personal information is not shared or sold! We will contact you within 2 to 3 days.

Like to speak with me personally?

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Let’s Chat! Can’t wait to meet you.

Debra Ann Charles

Yours in Verve!

Debra Ann

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