Chronicals of Wellness

Chronicals of Wellness

Chronicals of Wellness

Wellness and Lifestyle  is a subject on everybody’s mind these days.  I love working with amazing people and helping them find healthy holistic solutions that makes their life better.

These are amazing testimonials from a few of my many satisfied clients.

Energy & Nutrition

Thank you for providing a better life through superior vitamins!

Al W.
Travel Manager
The Nutrilite Women’s Daily pack made a believer out of me! When working outside for the previous two summers I would pass out from the heat. This summer I worked outside with my husband in the garden and realized I had stayed outside all day two days in a row. They really do work!

Kathy T,
If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have called it a miracle. My husband is 80 and would not eat because it hurt too much to swallow. He had lost so much weight, had no energy and would not get out of bed and just lay there for days.
Before going to bed I gave him a Nutrilite Meal Replacement Shake plus a Strawberry Fruits and Vegetables drink with XS Vitamin B in it. The next morning he got up, got dressed and was able to make a full day. He continued with the nutrition, regained his weight and zest for life. I have my husband back.

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. Chris was hurting so bad that I would have to rub his feet and legs every evening when he got home from work for the last 15 years.
Chris took the Men’s Vitamin Pack and the Nutrilite Joint Health Pack before going to bed. Next morning he drank an XS Naranja Orange Blast, went to work, worked all day, didn’t get tired, came home and still felt good and I did not have to rub his feet and legs.
On Friday he knew it was going to be a killer tough day so he added a Rhodiola with the other nutrition. He made it through the day, came home with plenty of energy to spare and was not hurting.

Shanna S.
I ran out of milk so I used the Vanilla Body Key Shake in my coffee. I love it – it tastes like a Cappachino out of the machine.

Charlotte D.
Accountant & State Remitter

Weight Management

When I was overweight I only used the Carb Blocker to block 500 carbs per meal. I didn’t even change how I ate, I just got down to the weight I wanted.

Ron C.

Sports Nutrition

I take a Rhodiola before I leave home and drive 8 hours to Alanta, take a second Rhodiola and have enough energy and mental alertness to drive another 8 hours to south Florida without getting sleepy.

Ronald L.

Bath & Body

My gums used to bleed when brushing my teeth. My teeth were so sensitive I could not drink hot or cold anything. After using the Glister toothpaste my gums have quit bleeding and I now drink hot or cold. Can even chew an ice cube. After five years and my most recent dental visit my dentist told me I had no new cavities and whatever I was doing keep it up.

Debra C.
My hair is very fine and used to have split ends and break off all the time. It just would not grow. I started using the Women’s Nutrition Pack with the Hair, Skin and Nails supplement, washing and styling my hair exclusively using the Satinique Hair Care System of products. Now everywhere I go I get lots of compliments on how beautiful my long shiny hair is.

Beauty Specialist
I love the Glister minty mouthwash taste and the fact that it lets me make a premeasured amount in the strength I prefer. It makes my breath taste and smell fantastic.

The bar of body soap is the best I have ever used.  I had rough little bumps on my face and when I washed my face with the bar of soap they went away and it made it feel soft and smooth.  When I use it in the shower it noticeably exfolites my body! I love it!!

Al D.
CDL Driver
My gums used to bleed and I was consistantly going to the dentist for surgery on my mouth. Using the Glister Toothpaste stopped my bleeding gums and dental surgeries. My dentist tells me my gums are healthy and I have no periodontal gum disease.

Business Owner

At Home

The LOC detergent makes my clothes and my laundry room smell so good. My clothes come so clean with it I don’t even need bleach or anything. And it is so concentrated I use a little tiny bit!

Kelly W.
My dishes coming out of my dishwasher were coated with a baked on film of white lime because I have hard water. I used the scrub bud on my glasses to remove it and it did not leave any scratches. I am so impressed. It’s amazing. I want to tell people how great it is.

Charlotte A.
Nobody should go through another year without the LOC window cleaner. It should be in every household! I have used every method known to clean windows and to find something in life this wonderful to clean my glass and mirrors crystal clean without a smudge or cloudiness is amazing! I have never been so excited about anything! I am a raving maniac! I love this LOC window cleaner! I cannot get it fast enough to give it as gifts!

Jeanne S.
Cosmotologist College Instructor

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